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"Jack is truly the best and such an amazing talent!"   -Karen Drucker


"You're the best, Jack, as far as a producer for me... You rock and your musical ideas and genius are so appreciated"   -KG


"Jack is such an inspiring and motivating soul! I am blessed to have him as a friend and collaborator!"  -John Clement

“The music sounds as good in the real world as it did in my imagination- how often does that happen?” WDC
“Your arrangements, playing and recording skill were vital to the success of our project.” RL

“Thanks for the excellent and cost effective work. You’re the best.” JK

“You made all the difference. I really had fun working with you.” MM

“We put together a great CD quickly, easily and on budget.” LA

“An absolutely awesome job, I can’t tell you enough times.” PR

“Thank you for doing a beautiful job. I absolutely love my project. I couldn’t have done it without you.” LM

“How lucky can you get? Very! You brought so much to the session, your great musicality, technical skill and kindness.” YM

“Thank you for all the magic you worked with my song. You are an amazing musician and a talented engineer.” GK



"My work (and friendship!) with Jack Lee goes back more than 25 years. In that time, we've collaborated on all kinds of vocal music projects. I can honestly say that Jack is all one could ever hope for as a partner-in-crime in these types of endeavors. He is the rare individual who can produce, engineer, and edit; sing, play piano and keyboards, as well as guitar and bass; masterfully employ a synthesizer to create and blend virtually any kind of instrumental accompaniment. (How does he do all of that?) And on top of that, Jack is a kind, patient, and generous soul who works tirelessly to encourage his clients' creative instincts, while, simultaneously, giving his all to meet their highest expectations."  

-Bonnie Logan   



    "This guy! It was the fall of 1987. I sat in his studio and began singing melodies that were floating in my head. There were several failed attempts with others in attempting to transcribe what was becoming an incessant earworm but they all said it wasn't doable. I remember thinking "How can it not be doable if I can hear the song fully orchestrated in my head?" Jack Lee heard what I heard.


Chord after chord, he patiently worked it out on the keyboard and presented me with my first singular songwriting experience. Having already recorded and engineered me as a part of the vocal trio Alliance during our touring years with Louise Hay, that day began a collaborative partnership spanning 25 years- 2 creating 7 albums and 2 digital singles.


Jack was the midwife to a career that I could never have imagined for myself.  If you liked any of my stuff you should be thanking Jack. From that day forward, he deciphered the melodies running rampant through my head. You could say that Jack was responsible for my receiving an honorary doctorate in 2009 from Centers for Spiritual Living for my musical contribution to the New Thought Movement. And in February, receiving the Grace Note Award (sort of a lifetime achievement recognition) from Empower Music and Arts, in honor of the catalogue of my work in positive music, it will have Jack's indelible talent all over it.

Yup, I'll say it again- This guy! In this year of expressing gratitude, I clap my hands and shout out the biggest thank you. Jack Lee made it all possible.   -Rev. David Ault


I will ditto my gratitude of Jack Lee! He was with me for 9 years at Unity of Ventura....he is brilliant, positive and a genius with music! Not to mention, he is a pure joy to be around....I love you Jack! Thank you for the many years of fun, love and laughter! You blessed us, and me, greatly!     -Cathy Jean Norman

“I am very impressed with your taste and musicality and you are so easy to work with in the studio.” RB

Jack does amazing work. He's a real pro on the technical/engineering side, but also in his ability to play almost any instrument and come up with arrangements (vocal and instrumental) and original compositions. He works with a lot of singer/songwriters, but will add an immense value to any project. I can't recommend him highly enough

-Donna Green!

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